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Felflowne's Warcraft Adventures
An Altoholic in Azeroth
Can I just take a moment to say how much I heart my friends?

Last night I tanked a couple of heroics... deciding to go in at the deep end with Forge of Souls and Pit of Saron.

Pit of Saron was TOUGH, but we DID IT, and Anna got the Battered Hilt. Mein Gott! I got Rimefang's Claw, which I had forgotten dropped in there and is wicked cool.

Tonight we're levelling our characters hordeside.
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So last night I ask Keith if he wouldn't mind farming the General in Blackrock depths for his awesome 2H Axe. We'd tried on previous nights several times with no luck.

We got lucky and it dropped and on a whim, we downed Baelog and he dropped the awesome +Str Plate pants.

This was for Daxxi who has recently dual specced (fourth toon to do so) to Heals/Ret.

On a whim, I ask if we see if we can't get the Jenkins title for Daxxi in Upper Blackrock Spire with just one 5.5k gs DPS pally. He seems unsure but we go anyway. He aggroes whelps, whelps die, DAXXI JENKINS IS BORN. So happy.

We decide to continue and see how far we can get. Long story short, General Drakkisath, a 10man vanilla raid boss, met his end at the hands of one draenei.

Keith is so badass.
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So last night was reeeeally not my night when it came to PuGs. Taichan, my 30-somthing shammy healer, was put into SM Cathedral with a tank who didn't slow down or hold aggro. Someone must have said something after the second wipe, as the tank ragequit. I took the lockout hit and decided to load up Daxxi.

Daxxi got the Blackrock Depths Prison, normally super quick, except the tank went left instead of straight on, where the mobs hit like a truck and we wiped. The hunter had rez sickness and needed on everything.

The tank explained he was going for Baelog, and we did manage to down him, but the hunter just kept pulling and kept pulling, so I stopped healing him. After downing Baelog, the tank started running off in a different direction again, so the shaman and I complained it was the wrong way. He assured us it was a shortcut. The mobs got tougher and tougher until eventually, I couldn't keep up. I had been typing warning for some time.

"Guys. These mobs are red for me, I can't heal fast enough."

"Please, I'm sure this isn't the way."

"I just had to use Lay on Hands, c'mon."

The tank died. Then he said "Healer?". That was it. Both the non silent non ninja DPS yelled at him, and I just said "fuck this", bade the DPS goodbye and dropped group.

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So here's what Keith and I have been working on...

Perfection!Collapse )
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Now, I quit being a bear tank because I had issues with aggro.

Last night i had a bear tank in the Sunken Temple that was having the same issues, but to go with it, he had a stinking STINKING attitude.

Nothing was ever his fault. He would pull two groups of dragons in the centre ring, I would run within range to heal him and one of the satellite casters he hadn't been able to secure would either snipe me down or sleep me, resulting in a wipe.

He said no one was letting him pull aggro first, which they were. He was pulling huge groups which wasn't a problem for me but they used sleep and fear which severely mucked us about.

We wiped twice and he kept trying to blame me.

After the troll shield generators were taken down, and Jammal'An yells "Rise up Atal'Ai!", we all waited at the end of the ledge to jump down, but he ran back up. When we queried it, he said he wasn't sure if there was one more.

No, there really isn't. That yell is how you know that.

No one dropped group 'tho, even though I had dropped my usual polite demeanour and was telling him straight up to a) stop bossing the group about and b) stop running off at a million miles an hour like a special bear and c) telling him straight that "I don't give a flying fuck" when he said he had five 80s.

Five 80s, yeah, I bet they're ALLLLL hunters XD
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Seriously, Zul'Farrak, what is up with you? Why do I always get fail groups in you?

Best one was the ret tank taking hits like a sledgehammer and when I spoke up just replied "qq moar". The worst bit is that I'm having to spazzheal like a mad person and the tank and DPS just do not notice. I think everyone shoudl be FORCED to play healer just once so they can see how their actions affect others in this game.

I've played all three types and learnt a lot about what to do and what not to do in each role, I've also had some terrible groups which has taught me my limits with regards to healing, and how much I can conpensate for.

Made Daxxi into a Herbalist, so she can go and pick flowers while waiting for dungeons to pop up. Ahhhh.
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There were some serious Sunday drivers on WoW this weekend.

Best moment was when the Ret tank asked me in Mara if I was specced for heals as "I didn't seem to be able to keep her alive".

I pointed out that it was in fact because she was not specced tank that she kept going down like a sack of crap. I don't think this met with approval, but it amused the hell out of me! I literally could not pump health into her fast enough, and she couldn't hold aggro. MULTIWIIIIPE.

Also, Miri is now Exalted with the Timbermaw Hold, just Sporeggar left until her title!

Rolled another alt (paladin, ofc) on Turalyon, to play with tashasaphi. <3

Keith has been being awesome as well, tanking like a boss and levelling up with Hyouko.
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What can I say, last night was pretty horrendous. I won't bore you all with details but the UK run I did as tank had two wipes, a sarky unpleasant healer and left me a bit of a wreck.

Decided to wait until either a) Anna is about before tanking again or b) Miri is level 80 and I can tank for my friends.

It's supposed to be fun, after all.
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Farmed a bit more of the furbolg area last night, got up to about 15.5k on the little buggers. The same shammy turned up as yesterday tho, and instead of competing with her, I whisped her "good luck :)" and left her in peace.

Did a quick random with Keith and Anna, and got Blackrock Prison, nice quick and easy. Got my random in on Daxxi as well, Zul'Farrak, ported in just before the last boss... amazing. Then nearly wiped when the group said "GAHR'ZILLA" and dashed straight for him without clearing any of the groups around him. But we lived. Second random was Purple Mara, peasy :) Level 44 now.

Main event of the night was attempting tanking again with Miri, something that I have been SHITTING myself over. I queued for UK and we wiped on the first stairs turn when I thought I could sneak by the first sitting group. Turned out I could (72) but the rest of the group couldn't (68-70), so we wiped and the healer dropped group. The next healer we got, I whispered saying that I was a new tank and she said that was fine. We cleared the rest of the dungeon. I queued again for the same dungeon and repeated the same warning to the healer. The healer seemed very impressed with Miri's gear... I did ask if he was being sarcastic and he assured me he wasn't, so I'll have to trust that he wasn't.

Not feeling brave enough to do randoms at the moment, so I'll likely stick with UK until I've got the tanking gear from it. I got about halfway through 72 last night, so I may try one a day. The main thing that panicks me about tanking on Miri is how loooong everything takes to cooldown. If I hit Avenger's Shield, Judgement of Wisdom, Consecration and Hammer of the Righteous in quick successtion, I've got at least a four second wait before I can hit any of them again, so I usually end up hitting the Hammer of the Righteous again and again until the fucker lights up.


Daxxi: 1 to 2 randoms a day
Hyouko: As many randoms as Keith is happy to do a day, with Anna if possible.
Mirina: 1 tanking of UK a day, farm furbolgs on Saturday mornings.
Akaitsune: Wait at 37 until Sakaki, Gragthor, Aorla and Amberline are 35. Also wait for Sam and Anna to be able to be both online at once.
Taichan: Get some Resto gear to fit her respec.

No plans for the others at this time.
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FUUUUUUUUUUU- Ok, just had a delightful experience of a dualboxer in a PuG with Daxxi (43 healer).

Now I know I have some dualboxers on my list, but seriously WTF. He put his fucking mage on follow (on me), proceeded to OT (in fucking ZF) with a shammie with half the tank's health, and the poor warlock was left doing 100% of the DPS, with the mage just trotting passively along behind.

Result? SLLOOOOOW. Tank was too high really at 48, and pissed off from a day of work, I proceeded to scrape this dick's mage off on pillars and led her into AoE to get her ass killed. Didn't quite manage it.

Worst thing was I was stuck with them both (the tank and this dick) as they were from the same guild and held controlling vote kick majority. I bit my tongue and healed through.

As soon as we downed the boss and I got my bag, I typed "thank fuck" and left. I am normally NEVER the person who swears or goes "this group sucks" but my god. ARGH.

That kind of FUCKING laziness just got RIGHT UP MY NOSE >:(
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